A social media genius

206cdd2Tony Kadysewski is a fun guy who grew up in the print world.  He had a dream and transformed it into a high traffic blog for a very specific vertical market, retail and P.O.P. fixtures.  He learned social media best practices the hard way and creates and maintains site content all in his spare time. 


You never know what will appear in Tony’s 3-4 FixturesCloseUp posts each day.  For example, the image above is from his post on Sperry Top-Sider knot ties.   The average person may not be interested in them or how they are displayed, but if you are a retailer looking for new display ideas, seeing this and other similar posts could be the equivalent of hitting the jackpot in Atlantic City.  Content is king, especially when it is engaging content.

http _fixturescloseup.wordpress.comFixturesCloseUp has a 4 year online history: is Google verified; includes nearly 4,000 published posts; over 6,800 images on a 370 board Pinterest site; an established Twitter channel; RSS and email feeds; the FixturesCloseUp Trademark and registered domain name; plus 1,000+ pre-written draft posts (enough for 1 year of outreach), and maintains ongoing pre-scheduled posts running 3 months ahead through October 2014+. 

Tony has a wide range of interests and FixturesCloseUp is truly his baby.  When he asked me to help him find a new home for FixturesCloseUp so he had more time to devote to other interests, how could I say no.  I know FixturesCloseUp will always be close to his heart and that of an ever-growing group of retail and P.O.P. fixtures users.  I also know he will ensure the transition goes smoothly.  Tony and I truly look forward to seeing some lucky publisher, fixture manufacturer/distributor, and/or entrepreneur take Fixtures CloseUp (and their business) to the next level.


About Mark Gottlieb

Accomplished, out-of-the-box thinking, marketing executive with a proven record of helping start up to Fortune 500 companies penetrate domestic and overseas markets. Adept at using direct marketing, social media, and MARCOM to accomplish company goals.
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